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Z Meditation Retreats in 2014: Wake up! Break Free!

DeConditioning Inquiry and Radiant Mantras

Free yourself of painful stories.
Freedom is not just an abstruse concept.
You can realize it as your own state of being.
You just need to do right work on your mind.
"It's not only a meditation course, it's a course in happiness." ... Elizabeth, US

10+5-day mind detox in the serene Himalayas.

Dates for Levels I and II Dates for Levels III
Aug 8 to 17 Aug 18 to 22
Sep 19 to Sep 28
Oct 6 to 15 (Czec translated)
Oct 31 to Nov 9
Dec 19 to 28 Dec 29 to Jan 2 2015

Z Meditation silent retreats will make you realize that your happiness is within you.

You will be strongly empowered to follow your best possibility in life.

Joining Z Meditation requires a commitment that you are ready to do the work with sincerity.

It is possible that many of your previously cherished stories / dreams will get shattered.

But, that will surely give way to the birth of a new being in you.

Our love and blessings to you that you may prosper in every possible way.


- 2014 -

Aug 8 to 22 (I, II and III)
Sep 19 to Sep 28 (I and II)
Oct 6 to 15 (Czec translated)
Oct 31 Nov 9 (I and II)
Dec 19 to Jan 2 (I, II and III)

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DeConditioning Inquiry Videos


Meditation for today

Solitude is so important for spiritual upliftment. Retreating from an environment that causes distractions and contemplating in solitude always recharges the dull batteries and you come back with renewed vigor and passion. ~ Ajay Kapoor, author, "The Art of Deconditioning"