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- 2014 -

June 6 to 15 (I and II)
June 15 to 20 (III)
July 1 to 10
Aug 8 to 17 (I and II)
Aug 18 to 22 (III)
Sep 19 to Sep 28
Oct 6 to 15 (Czec translated)
Oct 31 Nov 9
Dec 19 to Dec 28 (I and II)
Dec 29 to Jan 2 (III)

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Meditation for today

Saving your precious energies, direct them all towards the realization of the Self. Let the mind merge in the heart. If it has several other desires at the same time, your love for the Self will never become one pointed. Unless there is absolute one-pointedness, there will not be stability in contemplation. If contemplation is unstable, how can there be the most sublime experience of the Self? ~ Ajay Kapoor