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- 2015 -
April 3 to 17 (I, II and III)
May 20 to June 3 (I, II and III)
Sep 30 to Oct 14 (I, II and III)
Nov 6 to Nov 20 (I, II and III)
Nov 30 to Dec 8 (Czec translated)
Dec 18 to Jan 1 (I, II and III)

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Meditation for today

Imagine yourself at your death bed pondering over the life you lived. Would you be satisfied with your performance if you have wickedly wasted a lot of your time in parties or futile gossiping? Would you be able to forgive yourself when you realize that you squandered away most of your life in useless activities? You were sleeping all the time even while many efforts were made by Mother Nature to wake you up.~ Ajay Kapoor